Janet Chui (marrael) wrote,
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  • Sun, 18:09: Sigh. When you give kindergarteners history homework, guess who actually does the homework?
  • Sun, 18:55: RT @gweezilla: Christians, if you think it's your duty to destroy someone who has slighted our faith, you obviously haven't read your Bible…
  • Mon, 11:17: RT @embeedub: If you think another human being, however repugant, "deserves" death threats, hello, you're a psychopath.
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    Mon, 13:04: RT @ lim_jialiang: I love how the biggest problems in Singapore now (housing, healthcare, wages) are all a creation of Goh Chok…

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    Sun, 12:16: RT @ RB_Lemberg: I've been thinking about the Stanford marshmallow experiment today. Psych is not my area of expertise, but I want…

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    Wed, 11:21: As someone who escaped into books early and a LOT, I know I wanted to be in the fictional worlds exactly bc RL kept making me feel…

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