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Wax On

On Thursday night, when I went to a workshop on using encaustic wax for scrying/divination. Encaustic wax pieces are usually gorgeous abstract pieces, and I went as much for the art-making as the woo. The technique we used that night as always choosing 5 colours for each piece, then smearing the wax on a warm iron (quickly) before smearing the glorious mess on wax paper in two smooth strokes. Mine were pretty consistent:

Encaustic Wax

There's very little control, even if the colours are chosen by yourself and you can apply the iron as you like it (within some constraints). For our purposes, we were taught to focus on our question/intention with the piece we were making. The first one we did (leftmost above) was simply an experiment--no focus. Strangely enough, that was my most visually interesting one. The rest I produced were (from left to right) career guidance for 2014, my Clarity sigil, and my Wealth sigil. After producing our pieces, we invited a round of interpretations from everyone present, and also drew mandala cards that were meant to clarify the messages. Fun, light stuff. Head scratchers and coincidences, some insights.

My first, no-agenda piece had everyone spotting faces and symbols in it. There was a lot going on--maybe the busiest piece produced that night! The white heart in the bottom right of it is lovely, and there is an obvious face in there, along with several other hidden ones, and the strange "Reclaiming Past Wisdom" card to clarify it did make sense to me: I am trying to reclaim the lessons from my past lives, especially if they will serve me now. There have been little internal conversations going on, and lots of dreams.

The 2014 Career Guidance card (the overall pink one) is a head-scratcher. While I did choose and use deep pink wax, it wasn't the only strong colour in there, but it wound up dominating. It is a love/passion colour, and "Soul Mate" as the clarifier. It's so strange I got these two things for a career question. It was suggested that maybe I need to meet someone to make my career take off. Great. So much for personal agency! Or maybe I just need to go where my enthusiasm takes me and that this is a soul path? Still head-scratching. We did spot angelic and elemental influences in there though. The angel wings coming in at the top, and the elementals rising and meeting them from the bottom (the bit that looks like a flame.) And, this would be common among the three last pieces, you can see a white "comet" coming in at the top.

The Clarity Sigil was made for to help me in my hemming-and-hawing, self-doubt, what-do-I-need-to-do-now crap. I like that it's a relaxing looking piece with gentle curves, that A suggested it looked like a womb and/or yoni. Creation, yes. And the fade-to-white spectrum all along one side looks like a door opening. The clarifying card, when we looked up the symbolism of the peace lily, was focus and commitment. Ok. I can work with that. The white comet in this piece is near the center, between the green on one side (nature? heart chakra) and the purple (inspiration/divinity? crown chakra) on the other. I'm finding new meaning as I type this. Nice.

The Wealth Sigil: Well, weird but in a good way. We spotted teeth in it and peeks of yellow through white windows. Not sure what it all means and "Praise" is still a bit puzzling to me, despite someone suggesting it meant gratitude. I mean, I like praise, not gonna lie. I'll take it with as much welcome as money. The green-white comet in this one is center-right, just about hitting the patch of yellow. Let's hope the dough comes in.

Art-wise: Encaustic is addictive to work in. The colours are strong and solid, and of course I love the drippy effects. The element of little-control is exciting. I don't think the resulting pieces make great pieces for sale (I could be wrong), but it's a cool hands-on medium to play with and to let people explore.
Tags: art, woo woo

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