Janet Chui (marrael) wrote,
Janet Chui

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  • Sun, 12:25: Sad I can't be at the last Samsara Sunday market of the year, but you can all go to support it today at Haji Lane: https://t.co/clhLSpD44k
  • Sun, 12:26: Off now to lunch and my class this afternoon :) I'll be in good company regardless!!
  • Mon, 10:57: OK, used to be a long running joke betw me and 2 people, but now I'm going to share. I love making up names for rocks that don't exist.
  • Mon, 10:59: Eg. Klodstite: The crystal that helps you lose weight. Goflykite: The crystal that tells other people to buzz off. #madeupcrystals
  • Mon, 11:00: Traphiklite: The crystal you carry for safe travels. #madeupcrystals
  • Mon, 11:01: Holmetite: The crystal for safety and security. #madeupcrystals
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