Janet Chui (marrael) wrote,
Janet Chui

The Last Six Weeks

She's just over seven months now, which could be considered late, but with the oral surgery in mid-April, there wasn't much of a choice, and we were told to give her 4-6 weeks for a complete recovery. We started feeding her mush in late week 5 because we noticed her putting all sorts of stuff into her mouth again, which she had stopped doing since the operation. (The op went well. It was the days and 2 weeks after it that were complete torture, because everything she ate had to be watered down by half, which means she was hungry all the time, and couldn't use her bottle--we gave her everything in syringes. There was also pain, of course, and medication, which she hated, and that she couldn't go to sleep without being held, for about 4 weeks.)

Now she's taken to weaning like a duck to water. Almost right after starting we had to double the amount of mush she eats, and go from once to twice a day. It still isn't enough. She still gets hungry every 3 hours and frequently wakes up around dawn to eat. (We'd rather she slept till 8am.) Trying new foods on her is fun. When she's skeptical, she squirms, shivers, and makes faces, but then wants more. And her speed is phenomenal. She drinks out of a training cup that has a soft, chewy spout, and can finish 250ml of liquid under 5 minutes. If you add semi-solids to the feeding, she takes 20 minutes total. Seriously, I don't think I eat that fast. She can also do all this sitting up, and half the time we don't need to burp her after because she does it herself.

I think she's grown, and she's managing all this while keeping her figure. She's remarkably heavy though, which makes sense when you watch the things she can do, and the strength she uses doing them. I also suspect she's almost managing to crawl because she moves around her crib like woah when we're not looking. She's also learned to suck, which sounds strange I know, but it was something she couldn't do before the surgery. (I never got to breastfeed. Which is sorta cruel to a person who was all for it and steeped in all the pro-breastfeeding literature before the delivery. Turned out I never had the choice. Anyway.)

She plays well, loves people and books, is super curious and trying (slowly) to talk... she also behaves better in public than at home.

Sometimes I can't believe how much work babies are, and geez how did my parents cope with two, and how long do these things take to grow up? Other times I can't believe how fast she's growing.

We're taking her to see her stateside grandparents in June.
Tags: babies, parenthood
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