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  • Wed, 18:13: RT @GeekMelange: It's a short hop from "Where are you REALLY from" to "You don't look like you belong here, GET OUT!" when American=white p…
  • Wed, 18:24: Current pet peeve "People are outraged/upset because they misunderstand. Let me demonstrate my superior neutral stance by mansplaining." No.
  • Wed, 18:26: What's worse than mansplaining, whitewomansplaining. "Why can't you see through the illusion & division?" Because it's people's LIVES here?
  • Thu, 08:18: RT @SenSanders: If Donald Trump would like to investigate what he considers "voter fraud," perhaps he should start with his family and advi…
  • Thu, 08:20: RT @arissaoh: Alarmed yet? Advice from an immigration lawyer on foreign travel. https://t.co/yEY4nbV4ul
  • Thu, 09:43: RT @JohnCleese: Because newspapers contribute to a democracy when they try to report reality,and they undermine it when they try to create…
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