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Zombie Raccoons & Killer Rabbits
WHAT A COOL TITLE! I thought. Actually, I still think so. It's nothing if not evocative. I would love to read the anthology, but the cover... Oh, the cover. You can see it on John Scalzi's blog and I thought it was a joke (thanks, Genreville).

I think spongmonkeys are funny, and I can get with their aesthetic on YouTube, Quizno's commercials and the "French and Saunders" opening. But books? ...Books are sacred, damnit.

Anyway, I got the itch to sketch. In under 20 minutes, here's an alternate cover idea I would have offered as one of the sketches if I had been the designer.

Again, sorry if this is bad form. But the title is so cool. And those two animals have strong graphic elements/silhouettes.

Also, there ARE Xs for the raccoon's eyes and OF COURSE the cover still deserves drippy blood.

(Added note: I usually come up with multiple designs/sketches, and that's the usual way to work. So, I do wonder what were the alternate ideas offered for the DAW cover, if any, and what those looked like.)

I too am working on my own idea for the cover. Couldn't help it. I like your use of the negative space. :)

It's nigh impossible to resist thinking about what else the cover could have been. I still have other ideas. Please do share yours!

I like this one.

I like it enough I may want to print it out and use it as a homemade dust jacket for the actual book.

Hee! If you get a copy of the actual book, send me the measurements and I'll see if I can't upload a version good enough for printing out.

The measurements are on the amazon page. (At least that's what I'm using for my template, although one could add an inch or two on each side to make a slipcover.)

confirmed. Standard paperback size, with a 13/16" spine.

Am on it. Will reply next with a download link.

Cleaned up and classy!


2009-11-18 07:44 am (UTC)

(It's actually a full slipcover now with flaps, the preview above just shows the spine and front.)
Click here to download PDF

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