Janet Chui (marrael) wrote,
Janet Chui

Zombie Raccoons & Killer Rabbits

WHAT A COOL TITLE! I thought. Actually, I still think so. It's nothing if not evocative. I would love to read the anthology, but the cover... Oh, the cover. You can see it on John Scalzi's blog and I thought it was a joke (thanks, Genreville).

I think spongmonkeys are funny, and I can get with their aesthetic on YouTube, Quizno's commercials and the "French and Saunders" opening. But books? ...Books are sacred, damnit.

Anyway, I got the itch to sketch. In under 20 minutes, here's an alternate cover idea I would have offered as one of the sketches if I had been the designer.

Again, sorry if this is bad form. But the title is so cool. And those two animals have strong graphic elements/silhouettes.

Also, there ARE Xs for the raccoon's eyes and OF COURSE the cover still deserves drippy blood.

(Added note: I usually come up with multiple designs/sketches, and that's the usual way to work. So, I do wonder what were the alternate ideas offered for the DAW cover, if any, and what those looked like.)
Tags: art, book covers, books
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